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What does Labor’s victory in the 2022 Federal Election mean for the NDIS?

People lined up for early voting in the 2022 Australian federal election and Australian labor party

In the lead-up to the 2022 Federal Election, the Australian Labor Party unveiled six key measures aimed at reducing “wastage” in administrative operations and putting people with disabilities “back at the top.” They promised that if victorious, they would review and reform the NDIS scheme to ensure that plans were not ‘arbitrarily cut.’

Here are some possible developments that have been identified by Labor that we could see happen.

An increase in the number of people employed by the NDIA

The Labor government has stated that it intends to increase staffing levels at the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), which administers the NDIS, in order to improve service delivery and provide necessary support to participants. Those receiving and seeking NDIS services will likely benefit from shorter wait times, more frequent updates on the status of their applications and improved communication from the Agency as a result of this change.

A review of the use of external lawyers and consultants

A Labor government will also look into the use of external lawyers and consulting contracts, as well as crack down on “cowboys out there taking advantage of NDIS money”.

Streamlining the process for initial plans

One of the key areas identified by the Labor government is to address streamlining the planning and appeals process to make NDIS decision-making “more efficient, fair and investment-focused”. This will mean that people with disabilities and their families have greater certainty about the supports they will receive from the NDIS.

Improving service delivery in regional Australia

Another priority identified by Labor was the appointment of a senior officer within the NDIA to improve service delivery in rural areas. This will help to ensure that people with disabilities who live in rural and remote areas are not disadvantaged as a result of their location. This way rural Australians living with disabilities will be on an equal footing with those living in urban areas.

Consult with people with disabilities on any future changes to the scheme

Another focus is to consult with people with disabilities on any future changes to the scheme. This will help to ensure that the NDIS continues to meet the needs of people with disabilities and that any changes made are done in consultation with those who will be most affected.

Additionally, Labor also promises a $10 million increase in advocacy funding, a halt to changes to supported independent living, an investigation into ways to reduce red tape for people with disabilities seeking appropriate housing, the establishment of an employment “centre for excellence” and the development of a national autism strategy.

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