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Things to consider when preparing for your NDIS planning meeting


Things to consider when preparing for your NDIS planning meeting

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a federally funded Australian disability care and assistance programme that assists people living with disabilities access services and find supports.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure your needs are met and you don’t miss anything for your first NDIS planning meeting. The better prepared you are for this meeting, the easier it will be for you to communicate your objectives. It will also help you feel more confident in advocating for yourself or a loved one, so get started right away.

Here are some things to consider.

What are your goals?

Have a good idea of what you would like to achieve with the NDIS. This could be anything from gaining more independence to getting support for specific activities or improving your quality of life. Write these goals down, as they will help you during the planning process.

What supports do you need?

It’s important to know what you need to identify what services and funding you might be eligible for. Do you, for example, require assistance with personal care or attending appointments? Do you have a specific disability that requires the purchase of equipment or home modifications? It’s also worth considering whether receiving help from multiple sources at once, such as an NDIS package and other government services, would be beneficial.

What barriers are preventing you from getting what you need now?

When entering the planning process, it’s important to consider – ‘why haven’t these goals been achieved so far?’ Is there something preventing you from achieving them right now, such as a lack of information about how to go about things or financial constraints? Write down any obstacles that may prevent people in your life from reaching their desired outcomes.

Be prepared and plan ahead

To get the most out of your NDIS Plan it is important to be prepared and plan ahead. Prepare your questions, gather information through research and do not leave it until the last minute! Make a list of all the materials you’ll need to plan, such as printed copies of any relevant policies or procedures, printouts of webpages, lists of local services, etc.

Direct Care Australia are experts in NDIS supports and services, specialising in a range of NDIS funding supports and services in South Australia. If you need any further assistance, contact Sharon Miller or Cristina Bruno on 0410 620 170 or 1300 122 730 or via email at to discuss how we can support you to access supports or assistive technology.

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