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NDIS funding for Sensory Processing Disorders


Sensory Processing Disorders are complex neurological conditions that impair a person’s functional skills and sensory information (touch, sound and movement). People with Sensory Processing Disorders may feel overwhelmed by sensory information, may seek out sensory experience or may avoid experiences altogether.

It is hypothesized that people with Sensory Processing Disorders do not process or organise the flow of sensory impulses in a way that allows precise information to be read. As a result, learning can be difficult, as well as coping with daily sensory and organizational demands. This often results in behavioral difficulties.

What NDIS funding is available for Sensory Processing Disorders?

If you have NDIS funding that includes Assistive Technology or Consumables, you can use your NDIS Plan to purchase low-cost sensory equipment. This type of equipment can play a vital role for people with Sensory Processing Disorders – assisting with early development for children and providing ongoing support for adults.

If you have NDIS funding that allows for the purchase of sensory equipment, you can purchase the equipment without a quote providing the item:

  • Is considered ‘reasonable and necessary’
  • Is related to your disability
  • Is less than $1500
  • Is not considered ‘high risk’

What sensory equipment is included?

Sensory equipment is a broad term that can include just about any item that aids in a person to develop life skills or motor skills and enrich the five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Typical items can include puzzles, specially designed toys and games, tools that support regulation or improve focus and resources that build functional skills.

High-cost items may also be purchased through NDIS funding, however, you will need to obtain a quote and forward it to the NDIS for approval before you purchase. High-cost items include multi-sensory kits, wall panels and trampolines.

Purchasing sensory items

Sensory equipment can be purchased from an occupational therapist, other therapists or stores – either online or in-store. The process for purchasing sensory items depends on how you are managing your NDIS Plan:

  • Self managed – you can purchase the item from the provider of your choice and claim the payment from the NDIS.
  • Agency managed – you can only purchase from NDIS registered providers.
  • Plan managed – you can purchase the item from the provider of your choice and your plan manager will pay your provider after receiving an invoice.

Direct Care Australia are experts in NDIS supports and services, specializing in a range of NDIS funding supports and services in South Australia. If you need any further assistance, contact Sharon Miller or Cristina Bruno on 0410 620 170 or 1300 122 730 or via email at to discuss how we can support you to access supports or assistive technology.

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