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NDIS Housing Options for Supported Independent Living: What You Need to Know

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a game changer for people with disabilities, providing them with the support they need to live their lives to the fullest. One important outcome of this support is NDIS housing options for independent living. Join us to learn about the various housing options available through the NDIS, their…

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support for dementia

Supporting a loved one with dementia

If you have a loved one living with dementia, you may find it difficult to cope and feel overwhelmed by the changes that are taking place in their life, your life and the life of your family. In Australia, it is estimated that almost 400,000 people are living with dementia. As a carer or support…

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All you need to know about the NDIS transportation funding

Transport is an important part of living independently, allowing you to see friends, get to work and travel around town. If you have difficulty getting around, transportation can be extremely difficult. NDIS transportation funding can be used in a variety of ways to ensure that you travel as safely and easily as possible. Let’s take…

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home care package

What are the four Home Care Package levels available and what do they mean?

A Home Care Package (HCP) is a government-funded service that empowers elderly Australians to live independently in their own homes while also providing choice and flexibility in how aged care and support are delivered. An HCP is assigned to an individual, allowing them to make their own decisions about which services to receive, who will…

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NDIS FAQs: What the NDIS can do for you and your loved one

The NDIS can help with a diverse range of needs and supports for people with disability. However, with this long list of disability supports and services, it can be hard to know where to start when NDIS planning and knowing what exactly the service can do for you. This is why we’ve put together a…

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NDIS plan with the doctor and the patient

Understanding Combination NDIS Plans

Most participants are aware that their NDIS plan can be self-managed, plan managed or NDIA managed. While these are the three main options for managing your NDIS plan, another option that is rarely discussed is combination management. In this blog post, we will explore what combination NDIS plan management is and how it might benefit…

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